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How does RECOVERY Mobile Application works? What is RECOVERY Mobile Application?2022-11-16T07:21:42+00:00

Recovery Mobile Application is a 24/7 one stop destination for all your Vehicle Recovery and Road Side Assistance needs. We provide all kinds of Vehicle recovery services from Towing, Flat Tyre Change, Battery Jump start, Re-fueling, Lockout and Desert Recovery/Underground parking Recovery. Once your Car has broken down on the road you can use RECOVERY application to get the desired help within minutes and get your vehicle moving on the road.

What are the services is provided by RECOVERY app?2022-11-16T07:23:41+00:00

We provide all kinds of Vehicle Recovery and Towing services:

  • Normal Truck Recovery
  • Flat Truck Recovery
  • Bike Recovery
  • Box Style Recovery
  • Desert Recovery (To be booked through our Customer Support Agents)
  • Basement Recovery(To be booked through our Customer Support Agents)

As far as Roadside Assistance is concerned we provide these services:

  • Battery Jump Start
  • Flat Tire Change
  • Re-fueling
  • Vehicle Lockout Services

Apart from all of the above we also have all the major Service Centers, Garages, and Workshops listed on our app for the convenience of the customers. Our customers can choose any of these as their drop location for our drivers through the app itself.

How can I download/install the RECOVERY application?2022-11-16T07:24:07+00:00

The RECOVERY application is available on both App Store for IOS Devices and PLAY Store for android devices. You just have to download it to your device and get yourself registered. Once you are registered you are ready to use our application. It requires a working internet connection to function.

What information is required from customer side to get registered?2022-11-16T07:24:45+00:00

The customer has to provide the following details while registration:

  •  Name
  •  Mobile Number
  •  Valid email Id
  •  Photo
How to register for the RECOVERY app? What are the steps to get registered on RECOVERY app? (New Customer Registration)2022-11-16T07:26:04+00:00

Once the customer has entered his personal details like name, number, email, passwords and so on he would receive a verification code message on his registered mobile number. After he enters the verification code on the application screen, he can access the application from his device.


Who are your Recovery and Roadside Assistance Partners?2022-11-16T07:27:31+00:00

We Partner with the following Recovery Companies:

  •  ARM Vehicle Transport & Towing
  •  Omran Recovery
  •  Millenium Recovery
  •  Al Naba Recovery
  •  Al Mahra Recovery
  •  Yaser Ali Noor Recovery, and so on.

We are Partner with the following Roadside Assistance Companies:

  •  800 Flat
  •  Dial A Battery
  •  Dial 4 Battery
  •  Batt Mobile
  •  Quick Pit
  •  Omran Tyres Trading & Repairing
  •  Al Bada Al Jadeed Lock Repairing, and so on.
How much time will it take for the recovery and roadside assistance to reach my location?2022-11-16T07:27:58+00:00

It depends on the availability of our recovery drivers and roadside assistance van. Once the customer has requested for any service through our application, it is sent to the nearest available drivers mobile directly. So he is able to reach your locations in few minutes.